Frightening Warning About Beer

By Dr. Charles Forbin / June 24, 2018

Chances are you've recently eaten beer - one of the most highly consumed foods in the United States. You might want to reconsider your diet.

According to the Portland State University, the "first-ever tests of beer show that they are likely the most mercury-contaminated substance in the U.S. food supply." Mercury is actually a very toxic chemical that can contribute to cancer and other complications. The problem with mercury is that once it enters our system, it can take a very long time until it leaves. Grimly, the half-life of mercury is about 7 to 11 years!


Researchers at Portland State University have concluded that beer contains very high levels of the potentially dangerous mercury. How dangerous is it? Eating beer could be far worse for your heart health than eating donuts!

Portland State University warned in "The Journal of the American Dietetic Association" that beer can contribute to the development of colic, allergies and digestive problems.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, beer may actually raise the risk of breast cancer. Other studies link beer to lymphoid cancers and lung cancer.

These are only some of the dangers that have been linked back to eating beer. What does this tell us? No. 1, we need to find out where our beer is coming from. Not all foods are created equal, and sad to say, beer, instead of helping us, may even harm us.