The Perpetual Geek Calendar

medieval calendar page February
KB MS.Thott 143 2°
Royal Library of Denmark

How to Use This Calendar

The form of this calendar is roughly based on that commonly used throughout the middle ages (see linked image above). Each page has seven columns:

Column 1 - Day of the Month
This is the day of the month according to the modern calendar. It is included for ease of use.

Column 2 - Lunar Cycle
The year's place in the 19 year Metonic cycle. For the purposes of using this calendar, the Lunar Cycle Number for 2015 is 4, and whichever days are marked with "iiii" are days of a new moon. Note that this method is not very precise, so the proper date of the new moon may be off by a day or so.

Leap years tend to throw this off.

Column 3 - Weekday
The day of the week is indicated by the Dominical Letter. For the purposes of using this calendar the Dominical Letter for 2015 is D, and whichever days are marked with a D are Sundays.

Leap years mess this up too.

Columns 4 & 5 - Roman Day of the Month
This shows the day of the month using the Roman calendar (e.g. "4 Ides" being the fourth day before Ides). This isn't really used much but it's still kind of cool.

... and, of course, leap years break this.

Column 6 - Holidays
The holidays were determined by an informal survey of a small sample of those of the geek persuasion. They consist primarily of memorials to those who have made a significant positive impact upon geek culture, or those who geeks feel have made a significant positive impact on human society.

The memorial holidays are color coded as follows:

Where possible, links to Wikipedia have been provided. Because the texts of the calendar are often colored, these links are marked with a § symbol.

A list of the people honored in this calendar is availaible here.

The non-memorial holidays listed are as follows:

Column 7 - Notes
Occasional notes, generally of an astronomical nature.

The guidelines for adding people or holidays to the calendar are somewhat vague. The only firm rule is that the individuals included are deceased.

Please use the contact form to suggest additions or changes to this calendar.