The Occult Science of Casting the Crayons

As revealed to me by an occult toddler

While there are many ancient methods of divining and fortune-telling, by far the most colorful is that of Casting the Crayons. This science consists of taking a handful of crayons and throwing them to the floor, and then interpreting the results.

The Crayons: while any crayons can be used in a pinch, Crayola or Prang crayons provide the clearest readings. For best results, the crayons should be from a newly opened box, should be thrown all at once, and should be thrown down onto a hard, flat surface (tile flooring works well). Never, under any circumstances, should you use the built-in sharpener.

The Colors: The meaning of each color is based on a few core colors and how they can be mixed. The eight colors used in a basic reading and their meanings are:

Black Work
Blue Goals
Brown Growth
Green Health
Orange Creativity
Red Action
Violet Travel
Yellow Thought

There are additional colors that may be used to increase the range of base meanings. These are:

Gold Fame
Silver Power
Copper Wealth
White Rest

The Casting: The subject chooses eight crayons. For a basic reading these should be Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, and Yellow. If a more detailed reading is desired then any other colors may be chosen from a big box of crayons (Crayola has a box of 120 different colors). The subject then asks a question, throws the crayons to the floor and yells ‘Ta-Daaa!’

The Reading: Many aspects of the resulting scatter (as the pattern of cast crayons is called) enter into a reading. The proximity of a color to the center of the scatter shows its relative importance to the question. A crayon with its point resting up off the floor indicates that color is of increasing importance. A crayon with its nubbins (the end opposite the point) resting up off the floor indicates that color is of decreasing importance. Crayons which leave a mark on the floor indicate that the crayon’s particular aspect will have a lasting effect on the subject. Any crayon which breaks shows a critical event that has, or will, take place. The proximity of a color to another shows a relationship or interaction between the two aspects.

Be sure to consult the crayons before all major undertakings. This way you will be ready for any and all things to come.