A Poem by Emily Shade

A cold corpse in the grave
Eternally defiles;
You may have despised him, did you not,
His wrath eternal is.

The void kills as with a blade,
A starved bone is seen;
And then it lurks at your feet
And slithers eternally.

He destroys a wretched land,
A crypt too horrible for beasts.
Yet when a beast, and rotting,
Despises more than once, at midnight,

Having stopped, I desired, a knife
Decaying in the mist, -
When, grasping to kill it,
It died, and was broken.

Scant of death's wraiths
I destroy, and they destroy me;
I feel for them a storm
Of fear;

But eternally fought this corpse,
Attended or alone,
Without an angry fighting,
And despair at the soul.

"Emily Shade" is a program that generates poetry using structures from the works of Emily Dickenson and words from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.