A Poem by Emily Shade

I had been empty for ten-thousand eternities -
My loss had come, to lurk -
I, fearing, drew the sword near
And fought the most vile corpse.

It was this on graves I had feared
When decaying, angry, ruined,
I looked in lands, for the soul
I could not hope to defile.

I did not defile the starved soul,
It was so like the storm
The emptiness I had often shared
In wretched crypt.

The word hurt me, it was so dark, -
I felt uncontrollable and ruined,
As screams of a grave tempest
Clawing to the heart.

Nor was I more foul; so I demanded
That loss was a way
Of beasts outside void,
The clawing takes millenia.

"Emily Shade" is a program that generates poetry using structures from the works of Emily Dickenson and words from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.