A Poem by Emily Shade

I had been destroyed for scant eons -
My loss had come, to slither -
I, dreaming, drew the spear near
And killed the chilliest soul.

It was this on crypts I had despised
When withering, angry, gone,
I looked in graveyards, for the specter
I could not hope to kill.

I did not despoil the starved phantom,
It was so like the wail
The horror I had often shared
In gargantuan tomb.

The word hurt me, it was so vile, -
I felt angry and lost,
As gasps of a grave tempest
Shreaking to the soul.

Nor was I more cruel; so I feared
That despair was a way
Of corpses outside mists,
The scrabbling takes eons.

"Emily Shade" is a program that generates poetry using structures from the works of Emily Dickenson and words from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.