Doc's Instant RPG

A small collection of links and tools for role-playing games.

Fantasy Generators

Instant Dungeon Generator
Instant Fantasy Character Generator
Instant Inn Generator
Instant City Generator

Space Opera Generators

Instant Space Opera Character Generator
Instant Cantina Generator

Other Things You Might Need

The Game Rules (Principia Chaotica w/Doc's Tables)
Character Sheets - Generic, Wizard, Cleric

Ration Notes
Standard Backpack Contents
1757 Sailor's Provisions

More GM Tools

Instant Evil Document Generator
Instant Papyrus Generator
Instant Heraldty/Coat of Arms
Instant Patent Medicine
Instant Religion Generator
Instant Weather Generator

A variation on Martin O'Leary's map generator

Random Dutch Village Names
Random English Village Names
Random French Village Names
Random German Village Names
Random Japanese Village Names
Random Portuguese Village Names
Random Spanish Village Names
Random Welsh Village Names