Bobbye's Deli

7853 Third St.

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All sandwiches served with a dill pickle and your choice of side.

1. The Daly City Roll
Fried pork chop, raw onion rings, and peppers, with brown sauce and brown sauce, served on a hero roll.

2. The Augusta Sandwich
Genoa salami, diced raw onion, and sliced avocado, with mustard and chimichurri, served in a hot dog bun.

3. The Healdsburg Toaster
Linguiça, grilled chicken breast, green beans, and red onions, with garlic butter and port wine, served on a half section of French bread.

4. The Carrollton Plate
A shallow-fried, spicy patty, pickled vegetables, green chiles, and sliced fresh tomatoes, with Branston pickle and garlic, served on a hero roll, coated in béchamel sauce.

5. The Welsh Stack
Sliced Danish canned ham and tomato, with butter and hollandaise sauce, served stuffed in a loaf of French bread.

6. The Manchester Club
Sliced calves' brain and sliced fresh tomatoes, with beer sauce and mustard, served served on a round roll, topped with chili.

7. The Galena Sandwich
Deep-fried pork loin, roast beef, cabbage, basil, and lettuce leaves, with salsa criolla and port wine, served served on a round roll.

8. The North Las Vegas Dip
Pulled pork, seasoned minced pork, and potatoes, with garlic and curry powder, served on French bread.

9. The German Sandwich
Sliced scrambled egg, raw onion rings, and guacamole, with barbecue sauce and horseradish, served on a demi-baguette.

10. The Richmond Sandwich
Soused herring, grilled chorizo, grape jelly, and peppers, with horseradish and butter, served on a half section of French bread.

Sides: Applesauce | Coleslaw | Macaroni Salad | Pea Salad | Potato Chips | Potato Salad


1. Hialeah Stew
Fish dumplings and Italian sweet peppers in bonito broth, seasoned with a dab of salsa roja and topped with crutons.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

2. Miramar Stew
Grilled chorizo, smoked pork sausage, peppers, eggplant, and leeks in vegetable stock.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

3. Vancouver Pottage
Tofu, sardines, fusilli pasta, noodles, and celery in hearty beef broth, with a bit of sambal paste and topped with crutons.
Cup $2.49 / Bowl $3.99

4. Serbian Pottage
Beef tripe and noodles in hearty beef broth, with a bit of sambal paste.
Cup $2.49 / Bowl $3.99

5. Round Rock Pottage
Ground beef, beans, shredded cabbage, and black olives in fish stock.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99