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Ephae is a slightly dogmatic religion based on a set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true, and is focused on adherence to those principles. Adherents frequently use history to guide their actions and beliefs.

Adherents of Ephae believe that non-­human entities possess a spiritual essence that survives death and may affect the living world, and a supernatural world that parallels the natural one.

The practices of Ephae tend to be based upon reason and logical thinking, and are often reflective and rational. Activities like study, and asceticism are not uncommon.

The tangible aspects of Ephae include blessed water.

The primary reason for adherents to practice Ephae is to benefit the adherent after death or in the distant future.

The social structure of Ephae is highly hierarchical, with religious authority held by an individual spiritual leader.

Ephae derrives all of its income through voluntary donations from either adherents or non­members.

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