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Sheiree is a slightly mystical religion based on the individual's direct experience with the divine, and is focused on transformation of the self. Adherents frequently use meditation, contact with sacred objects, vision quests, and divination to attain insight into the divine.

Adherents of Sheiree believe that there is one supernatural being which exerts control over the natural world, and that they will experience a return to a new life the natural world after death.

The practices of Sheiree tend to be based upon chaos, appeals to emotions and instincts, and are often ecstatic and impassioned. Activities like agressive rhetoric, extreme physical exertion, and overindulgence are not uncommon.

The tangible aspects of Sheiree include a sacred text, offerings of food, holy symbols, specific places of worship, blessed incense, prayer beads, special garments, animal sacrifices, blessings, and special head coverings.

The primary reason for adherents to practice Sheiree is to benefit the adherent in the present day or near future.

The social structure of Sheiree is highly hierarchical, with religious authority held by an individual spiritual leader.

Sheiree derrives all of its income through support by the government.

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