Here are links to an odd assortment of things I’ve written over the years – it’s a sort of mental toy box of ideas, fun bits, and/or needless background waiting for a story.


The Poetry of Emily Shade
Gaudeamus in Tenebris (Rejoice in the Darkness)
Tools for Creating Languages
Model Languages
Procedural Footnote Language

Rants & Ramblings

Doc's Food Rules
Doc's Suggestions for Screenwriters

Random Generators

Doc's Instant RPG
(includes several other generators)

Dr. House Bingo Card
Horoscope by the Refreshment Oracle
Secret Cabal Report

Bogus Health Warning
(note: You can change the food being warned about by adding a "?" and a word after the URL.
For example http://dmmyers.com/bsabad.html?beer)

Old Websites

The Book of Refreshments
The Institute for Pnakotic Studies
Mogens & Twardzik Frozen Yogurt

Other Stuff

Casting the Crayons
The Perpetual Geek Calendar
The Rime of the Ancient Casserole
All the movies I've ever seen