[This is an archive of a hoax website I made back in 2001 and kept online for a couple of years. I occasionally updated the list of seminars and projects.]

The Institute for Pnakotic Studies

General Information

The Institute for Pnakotic Studies is a Archaeological research institute for studies related to the Pnakotic Manuscripts, under the auspices of the International Archaeological Society, created by Heiko and Beatta Kuttelwascher who donated their house and fortune to the Society.

It is supported by Miskatonic University and by several private and public foundations, including

  • The City of Arkham
  • The Raine Foundation

The small size of the Institute has made it necessary to concentrate its scientific activities. Accordingly a topic is chosen for every year or occasionally for two years. Within this field experts are invited to work at the Institute for periods of one or more months, and fellowships are made available for application. The organised activities at the Institute consist mainly of weekly seminars with lectures by the guests there. However, the principal aim is to promote informal interaction between experts and newcomers in the chosen field by bringing them together.

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