[This is an archive of a hoax website I made back in 2001 and kept online for a couple of years. I occasionally updated the list of seminars and projects.]

The Institute for Pnakotic Studies

Upcoming Seminars

The following seminars have been scheduled for Spring 2002. Dates for seminars are subject to change.

  • 26: Progress Report - Pnakotic Manuscript Restoration (J. Prine)
  • 10: Burial Practices and Grave Goods of the Pu'alu Islanders (T. Dean)
  • 24: Pu'alu Glyphs and their Basis in a Global Context (S. Roland)
  • 14: Reinterpreting the Dhol Chants (K. Lindstrom)
  • 28: The Pu'alu/Maya connection (T. Waters)

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