Hi folks! Just a quick note about this contact page. If you're a real human being and want to send me a note or whatnot, no problem. I may not respond in a timely fashion, but I'll try.

That said, this page gets hit a lot by a really weird bot which sends me nonsense messages which are probably some kind of hacking attempt. Because of this, I track information such as the sender's IP address when the form is submitted. If I get too much spam from any one source then I will preemptively block it ... not just from sending me messages but from accessing my site entirely. I know it's mean, but I just don't have any patience for that kind of thing anymore.

Also, if you intend to send me messages to sell me SEO services or "guest posts", just don't. Really. It won't work out well for you. If you do anyway then it indicates you're happy with whatever my automated defense systems do with your messages.