Jettie's Deli

8185 Elm Blvd.

You Will Be Delighted!


All sandwiches served with a dill pickle and your choice of side.

1. The Malagasy Stack
Cured and smoked brisket, refried beans, cilantro, and capers, with mustard and Worcestershire sauce, served on a half section of Italian bread.

2. The Bozeman Roll
Refried beans and giardiniera, with hollandaise sauce and salsa roja, served on a long, hard roll.

3. The Irvine Sandwich
Fried chicken breast, soused herring, and giardiniera, with sambal paste and brown sauce, served in a long roll, breaded and fried.

4. The Greensboro Sandwich
Beef cooked on a vertical spit, shredded iceberg lettuce, potatoes, and fava beans, with salt and black pepper and salsa criolla, served in a hamburger bun.

5. The Davenport Sandwich
Linguiça, peppers, and grilled bell peppers, with brown sauce and Branston pickle, served on a pressed toasted bagel, and completely covered with gravy.

6. The Richardson Sandwich
Fried ham, peppers, potatoes, and caviar, with ketchup and olive oil, served in the pocket of a split-open pita bread.

7. The Lakewood Sandwich
Capicolla and grilled bell peppers, with chutney and Thousand Island dressing, served on a hero roll.

8. The Oxford Dip
Thinly sliced lomito-style pork, sliced fresh tomatoes, and lettuce, with salt and vinegar and port wine, served on a biscuit.

9. The Chattanooga Plate
Tuna, vienna sausages, and pickled cucumber, with pizza sauce and ketchup, served on naan bread.

10. The Topeka Dip
Roast beef, genoa salami, pickles, cilantro, and peppers, with marinara sauce and beer sauce, served in the pocket of a split-open pita bread.

Sides: Applesauce | Coleslaw | Pea Salad | Potato Chips | Potato Salad


1. Winston–Salem Soup
Salmon, bologna sausage, hash browns, green chiles, and fava beans in hearty beef broth.
Cup $2.49 / Bowl $3.99

2. Cleveland Stew
Mortadella, sausage, leeks, and rice noodles in broth thickened with egg yolks.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

3. Bakersfield Bisque
Calves' brain, cilantro, and rice in a smooth, creamy soup.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

4. Palmdale Chowder
Oysters, hard-boiled eggs, and leeks in a thin yoghurt base.
Cup $2.49 / Bowl $3.99

5. Elk Grove Pottage
Mortadella, hard-boiled eggs, noodles, rotini pasta, and rice in fish stock, with a little sour cream and served chilled.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99