Boss' Deli

8419 Fourth St.



We Are Ready to Serve You at Any Time from 9 A.M. to Midnight


All sandwiches served with a dill pickle and your choice of side.

1. The Libyan Toaster
Canned baked beans, corned beef, guacamole, meat aspic, and cucumber, with Thousand Island dressing and salsa criolla, served on a half section of Italian bread.

2. The Macon Sandwich
Deep-fried pork loin, stewed meat, and red onions, with paprika and tomato paste, served on naan bread.

3. The Richardson Club
Ham, genoa salami, capers, and pickled carrots, with Worcestershire sauce and tzatziki sauce, served on Finnish dark rye.

4. The British Sandwich
Ham, green beans, pickles, and mushrooms, with olive oil and barbecue sauce, served on a demi-baguette.

5. The Toledo Roll
Mortadella slices, roasted pork, guacamole, and tomato, with ketchup and Thousand Island dressing, served wrapped in pita, coated in mornay sauce.

6. The Cary Sandwich
Genoa salami, mortadella slices, tomato, and hash browns, with horseradish and tomato sauce, served wrapped in a flatbread, topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce.

7. The Grand Prairie Sandwich
Tofu, ham, and peppers, with garlic-flavored mayonnaise and Chilean salsa, served on a hero roll, with a fried egg on top.

8. The Gainesville Sandwich
Mortadella, pressed salted and dried beef, lettuce leaves, and mushrooms, with Worcestershire sauce and beer sauce, served on naan bread, coated in mornay sauce.

9. The Santa Rosa Sandwich
Tuna, sliced beef, sliced fresh tomatoes, and hash browns, with tomato paste and marinara sauce, served on a biscuit.

10. The Congolese Dip
Grilled chicken breast, green beans, pickled cucumber, and marshmallow creme, with salsa roja and tomato paste, served on toasted sliced bread.

Sides: Applesauce | Coleslaw | French Fries | Macaroni Salad | Pea Salad | Potato Chips


1. Richmond Chowder
Falafel, meatballs, rigatoni pasta, meat aspic, and carrots in a tomato base.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

2. Dayton Pottage
Salt beef, carrots, and pickles in seasoned chicken broth.
Cup $2.49 / Bowl $3.99

3. Dutch Stew
Shredded chicken and dumplings in fish stock.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

4. Frisco Bisque
Ham, goat meat, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and pickled vegetables in a smooth, creamy soup.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99

5. Irish Stew
Salmon, pickled vegetables, pickles, and potato gnocchi in a thin yoghurt base.
Cup $3.49 / Bowl $4.99